Top Online Dating Sites in Kenya

Online dating

For self preservation purposes I’m just going to out rightly say that I would never try to solicit and build a relationship from a dating website, simply because I’ve watched too many movies that have messed up my mind’s orientation on this, and that’s just the least of my concerns… but I digress.

This article is not for the skeptics like myself, its for the guys out there who have been in more than enough relationships with the ‘normal’ people out there and have come out disappointed to say the least, so instead of casting a net and hoping to catch the fish, they want to go straight to the shopping mall and pick the specific product they want And it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that there have been success stories from these sites…

The numbers of dating sites in Kenya are in the hundreds, but to make it less strenuous for single people out there to stop embarrassing themselves by calling radio shows on classic to find love, we trawled the Kenyan internet sphere to bring you the most prominent dating sites in Kenya:


I’d stake my claim that this is the most visited dating website simply because of the aggressive advertising online. It works in the traditional way; you sign up state your basic details (age height etc) and your lifestyle. Like if you drink, do you want kids? After sing up, you get to browse the members based on the sex you are looking for. There are tips for staying safe too somewhere on the site that offer advice on ‘doing it’ safely. They also have a Facebook page

Kenyan Cupid


If you are really impatient, try the rest of the sites because this one has a pretty sophisticated sign up process. You get to go through 10 pages just filling information about yourself. Hopefully, the reward is a match made partner. Once you are signed up, it has some a timeline that shows you guys who are online according to the age you stated. Something worth noting, you know how facebook has pokes, this site has winks… Also you can upgrade to a platinum account… sort of like

Kenya dating


This site got me thinking about Gwen Guthrie famous lines.. No romance with no finance, literally. Simply because before you can actually get in on the site you have to pay a subscription fee there are two packages, premium Chui and VIP Simba. Someone try it out and let the rest of the singe know.

Date me kenya

I’ll stop at three  because Ive these are the only ones I have reviewed. an updated post later on will have more but if (and I know there are) you know more out there… leave a comment with the link, you could just play a matchmaker role for two lucky internet strangers.