The Stride.



Ever wish you could be able to witness the raw music talent in the Kenyan community?Well…have you?One thing.I have many at times doubted that there is up to par Kenyan talent in music,except for  few countable ones.I don’t mean to be a debbbie downer but just think about it.Do you really believe there’s that much talent like you do in international music?Totally rhetorical.

I will agree on one thing though-there’s alot of upcoming artists in 254 that haven’t quite hooked onto your digital gadgets waves and that’s just it; they havent yet.Yet being the key word.So maybe that’s root of all these doubts.Too many underground kings.I concur.You know before Drake went platinum he was an underground king(see what I did there?)Mega wink.I digress.Now,back to my story…


Before something amazing reaches peak it has to metamorphosise,no?There are barely short cuts in the stride.Because being amazing is just as hard as being amazing.Don’t stress it,its as simple as I have typed it up 😛 .Ps its totally worth it in the end.Well with that much said you can be part of the amazing metamorphic journey of a bunch of talented peeps in the music industry.Yaah!When it becomes news and you start hearing about these artists and deejays alil too much its already gone,so be part of the ones and twos who get to witness it uncut and lit.

You will have to agree with me that first hand experience wins any day.No?With just 500bob in check by all means head over to The Stride at the Creative Garage, this Friday and have yourself a loadsome of the pound cake vibe they will be serving.Bon appetit!


How not to get lost: