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The Posse

The Posse

Hailing from Nairobi, The Posse are one of the leading musical acts in this new dawn in the era of Kenyan music scene. After forming in 2013 and subsequently throwing their first event in their #MicRobbery series, many who attended the event who had never heard them play before, were immediately blown away by their sound. Since then, they have been busy in the studio preparing some new material.

A closer look at the band members reveals an awesome fivesome:

  • Barry Mo
  • Lennox Lee
  • Brenda Samba
  • Nelson Pookie and
  • Jeff Loxx
The Posse

The Posse at Mic Robbery I

They are already starting to build a following on social media and are a definite sure shot to rock the Kenyan airwaves in months to come. I say that confidently having listened to their latest release ’Murderer’ which is a leading single from their upcoming album. If you haven’t heard the jam, I cannot urge you enough to do so at this very moment, right here!

Murderer art

As I mentioned earlier, The Posse successfully tore apart  #MicRobberyI and they don’t look like they are about to let down. The second installment of the event series is here, with an even bigger lineup showcasing random but talented upcoming artists who provide a glimpse into the bright future Kenyan music has.

Mic Robbery II

Listening to Kenyan music on your phone or on mainstream media is fun, but showing off your superior taste and attending live events is EPIC!

The Kenyan music industry is on a revival from the usual revered names we’ve been accustomed to hearing for the past decade. You look around and what you find is a new crop of artists who are simply amazing, talented and very hardworking. These ladies and gents are pumping out originality and groove that’s attracting attention locally and soon, worldwide. The Posse are high on that list. Their potent sound has earned the group plenty of hype and whatever the tempo, their intimate and ethereal songs reveal their deep talent.

Their interests are to make happy music, that ‘feel good’ music and still not far from the art of song writing. Get social with them on Facebook: The Hot Plate Posse  or visit their website for more info.

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