Suckysbeat Finally Drops The Most Awaited for Club Banger.



There’s is nothing quite like good humor on a cloudy day under the sky.No?Welcome to this part of Africa,the 254.Its gloomy, its cloudy with a possible ‘meeeh’ in the end,but the party dont stop and that’s for sure.Please do have a swig of some old age ale and cheer up coz the weekend is upon us people of Earth.

Come along…I got news for you.Hotter than the steaming cup of beverage you got there, to drive this obviously cold month back to summer.News!I tell you.News…Has the eagerness set in already?No?Yes?Wait for it…Okay, before you think of throwing at me last night’s leftover ugali ,now that you think I deserve it,I would love for you to head over to owing to Sucksybeat.He just dropped the most stunning and awaited for club banger of all time!!Featuring Khaligraph and Cynthia Morgan!Yes it’s here.Its fresh and its Friday.And dint I tell you all about this 2days ago?


Here is how not to get lost on your way to your music destination, that is

Have a listen or more to the freshest in town and let that music energy warm you up inside.You can now put away your mug of spewing hot beverage coz warmer energy and club bangers just arrived.