Memoirs with Love(The Stride).



Take a look around,have a seat and let’s get to catching up on the weekend that was the journey:.Have you ever woken up the  next morning and actually wished you had the choice to replay a successful night of pure bliss?I hate to break to you but its such a bummer ,that snapchat replays work only on the app and not reality.Mega sob.

Its not totally lost on us though I have with me a few memoirs of how the day went down and more than delighted to share them with you.You are definitely welcome to catch a glimpse or two or four…(okay alil too much but hey)…on that very day’s  journey.

There was enough of them to keep the hook going,trust me.Someone say Dj drop the beat! :-D.Unnnzzzzt!Unnnzzt!




And if you wanted to stay hungry, it was only but a choice.What with an array of chefs and grab to dig in…Ofcourse, this is the only place you would catch me beefing 😉 .Yes pun.




This was one heck of a blackboard. I would love to stare at all day.I wonder why they dint have one of these in highschool.Such buzzkills,huh?


And…peace out from the chefs.Salute!

12764847_194392904251095_4135098365472081624_oThe paree people ofcourse…




Like I said,this is but a glimpse of what happened.You can check out more photos here.

Music was without doubt the main order of the day, well besides food.FYI :-P.Do have an earful Basthma’s album here.

That being a beginning of many, be sure to catch his next EP to be released on the 2nd April,this year.How fast?You are forced to wonder.Well how about we call it passion.I,honestly can’t wait.Smells of eagerness up in here already 😀

And there’s more.At the same event, Schmack will be holding a listening party for his mixtape to be released on the 22nd of April.Whoopie! But why wait till then when you can listen to it uncut on the 2nd?Total lighbulb moment 😛 Remember what I said about first hand experience?Yes?Incase you missed it.This link is for you.Yes you only.

Memoirs with Love of the Stride brought to you by Beats Per Minute(BPM) Entertainment.Dont go to far as we need to link back up in a month’s time.Till then keep it chilled,heavy and locked.