Let Your Money Start Working For You!



If there is one thing Kenyans love, it’s a good deal. Now imagine getting rewarded for spending your money.

Oliza is set announced the launch of maiden app, O-Charge. The app, highly linked with smartphone users’ centers on rewarding them with points every time they top up (recharge) through the app. Once you get the points, you can use them to get deals and discounts that will be live on the app.

This is how it works.


Process flow

The app is in its testing phase and is currently registering users for the beta launch. What that means is, these users will be the first people to use the app before it is finally launched to the general public. If you haven’t done so, there are limited slots remaining, do so here.

Majority of the app users will be deals seekers and with airtime consumption such a rampant feature in most households, O-charge gives users the ability to explore their unique deal seeking style. By offering convenience and affordability, the app seeks to position itself as the front of mind money saving destination of choice. Not just for the users but for the retail partners too, as it provides a cost effective solution for them to attract new customers or target a specific market.


“This app simply marries the need for interaction and communication among people, hence the purchase of airtime, with the desire to spend on brands that are almost an extension of themselves”

Ken Rombe – Marketing Executive, O-charge.


It is targeted to these types of users because it offers instant rewards but not compromising on the products, services or brands the consumers demand. He adds.

The company is currently expanding its target brands and merchants to make sure that it can compete with the already vibrant e-commerce market in the country, more-so in the capital. The app will be available for download on the app store in coming weeks and is firmly committed to connecting customers to brands by creating the affordability factor and extending the value of owning a smartphones allowing one to access great deals from one place, literally.