Halloween Kenya 2015:Lynton’s M.A.C Party.


Last weekend,saw the break of Fall and end of Summer, up north.No wonder Halloween also goes by Summer’s End.Did you know that?Have you ever wondered why orange and black seem to be the basic halloween colours? Well, orange represents harvest and black stands for death of summer.I wouldn’t have guessed it.That aside.On this very day,31st October,Garden City was up in festivities since morning and Lyntons MAC store held the after party till midnight when obviously November came to life.Here is how it went down.



                                                              Savoury refreshments by Moca Loca.









The nicely cleaned up Mavo_GG and a friend.












Decks on fire,superb lighting,one brilliant photographer and the coolest kids in town!It was one incredible party and a day totally worth reliving.Fright night absolutely turned out to be so much fun all thanks to Lyntons Mac Store.Major shoutout to these undeniably talented makeup artists who are by far passionate about their work.They did not stop though obviously tired until this whole lot had their Summer’s End makeup done and for that matter,to the last perfect brow .This day would not have come to light at such perfect angles if  not for the exceptional talents of one amazing photographer ,Mavo_GG,and I believe you strongly agree.If you wish to see more of this unaging memory,be sure to head over to his Instagram gallery @mavo_gg and sift through a world’s delight of glorious memoirs.

With no doubt,more parties are in order.Its Nairobi afterall and the city never sleeps what with a merry gang of energy bunnies,which is actually an understatement, what would you except?Don’t go too far as we keep you posted on the ins and outs of the ‘it’ parties and places to be.With just one life to do it all,why not?