Halloween Humor And Facts.


A day without sunshine is like,you know,night.So brainy,huh?I digress.Halloween might be a day of spooks,creeps and screams but who says we can’t have a laugh or two while at it?Here are a few photos gotten from all over the internet ¬†under cookie stones and over html hedges,to add abit of gay into this spooky day.


I wonder if she’ll get to cackle the pain away.


If he wants you for your brains this halloween,you best believe he is a zombie.Run!!


For President or naah?!I think he looks sweeter as a vegetable,don’t you?





Shots fired!!Man down!!I down!!

CYMERA_20151031_165454RIP Mrs Ghost.


Off lemons and lemonade…



And the broth is saved!!Cackle!




Say screams!!

Did you know that dressing up during Halloween originated from Celtics and the idea of Halloween itself was originally from Ireland.Say what?Yes you got that right!

Scottish girls believed that they could see images of their future husbands if they hung wet sheets infront of the fire on Halloween.I with no doubt think these ones had their brains eaten out on Halloween’s eve.Absolutely no doubt!

Other girls believed that they would see their boyfriend’s faces if they looked into mirrors while walking downstairs at midnight on Halloween. Okay,now thats creepy.

Of all the laughs and facts summed up today,I’d like to wish you a happy Summer’s End.Halloween is also called Summer’s End.Whoa! So many facts!No?