Doing It Right


I’ve been thinking a lot about life, all these people who give you advice such as ‘on to the next one’ in a flash, a year passes and they’ve had more than 6 boyfriends, all of whom she felt obliged to have sex with, receiving things from them and not really reciprocating, (not that its wrong) doing it intentionally is… It left me wondering if today’s ‘relationships’ are undercover prostitution dens. The term boyfriend nowadays is to say that’s the guy officially screwing me…. what’s the difference between that girl and a prostitute… with her 6 dudes, and the ones who ‘just happened’? A prostitute has money on her mind this other girl has that and many more… what’s going to be more special in the 6 relationships if there is no dignity, no sense of self respect. The zero’s in the bank account?


“Why love if loosing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone.” – C.S Lewis

So what are your intentions? Endless expensive dinner dates that you never pay for? A new phone every time you lose the other!? Are you going in for materialistic intentions or the whole package? Problem with this is you fall in love with the little nothings that you begin to think you are in love with the provider and when they leave you are shattered. You go back to the drawing board, having to search for the next one who will stand paying for your enjoyment. Then finally you are tired of men. Why? Because they always leave. What else did you bring to the table besides sex and false companionship? You need to differentiate between a partner and a father. Your father is to give, but your partner to contribute. Support them, encourage them, build them, be their anchor. Make them realize what a Ruby, a diamond you are rather than a soap stone. Work hard because you never know what will happen tomorrow. You don’t have to get married to him but if he leaves you better placed, it was worth the years. Nothing beats the feeling of having your own. So work at it.



Most of us at one point in time have been guilty of or for getting in relationships for ulterior motives, that’s not such a bad thing, but there are so many ways to repay your partner. Love them for starters, not the things that come with them. You can never go wrong when the love is genuine. There is no valid reason to get into a relationship you know deep down inside will not have a future or at least end in any serious engagement. Its not that you shouldn’t switch partners or stay in a relationship that is toxic, but give yourself time and get into one for the right reasons. Only you know what they are. If you can’t sustain one, not being in one is not going to kill you either.

Do it right, don’t make relationships avenues for social prostitution.